How do you make Jaspersoft Studio render a drill-down report in Excel?

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I've seen how to create hyperlinks and such in pie charts and other more traditional reports, but we're looking for a way to create a drill-down enabled report that will list a summary line at the top of a heading, then (once it's rendered in .xlsx format) allow you to click on the + sign off to the left and expand the heading to reveal the detail lines below it. Does Jaspersoft Studio support such functionality and, if so, can someone point me to a tutorial or documentaiton on how to accomplish this, please?

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Hi Scott,


You may have a look at the below D3 visualizations which allows you to d the same.


D3 is a very interactive and powerful visualization engine. It even allows you to create your own custom chart (we had once created horizontal candlestick chart with additional information like median, average ). Once you have done that you can then directly use those chart or you can integrate those charts inside jaspersoft and use it.


Let me know if you need any other information.



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