Example of Java program that fills a jasper report ?

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I need an example of a basic code that calls a jasper report made in jaspersoft. can anyone help me?

Also, which plug-in for eclipse do I need? I found two: jasperassistant and jaspersoft.

I am new to jasper reports but I have already generated a few reports with jaspersoft and a database, now I need to use them in my code. I have found some examples of ireports and netbeans but I am not sure if it works the same way.

Hope this makes sense. Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer:

Are you talking about jasperreport integration inside some other application?

We have developed an application where are succesfully able to call jasper report. Also with some of our clients wherein they have created jasper reports but there are characters in other lanugauges (like french, bengali etc) those words/characters are not coming properly when exported to pdf, they are using our plugin (Helical Dashboard Insight) to implement that functionality.



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