Pie Chart with % in labels

Hi guys,

I have a problem with a pie chart with % in labels.

Value = $F{INFRACTIONS} + ""


The values in the chart are ok, but the labels with % are wrong.

It's like the variable $V{INFRACTIONS_SUM} was nos properly calculated for each value in the series.

To help check this, I've added more info to the labels, including infractions, the total sum and the % calc:

Labels = "Inf: " + $F{INFRACTIONS} + "\n"
+ "Total: " + $V{INFRACTIONS_SUM} + "\n"
+ "%: " + new Double($F{INFRACTIONS} / $V{INFRACTIONS_SUM})

This is how it's shown when executed:

As you can see, the variable is not properly calculated for the first result (red line) but is ok for the second (green line).

But the same % calc in the table above is ok, maybe because of Evaluation Time "Auto" in text field (yellow marker).

Anybody could help me with this? Any other workaround that works?

Thanks in advance!



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