Filtering by information in higher level subreports

I am currently working in a report that has 3 levels of subreports in addition to the main jrxml file. The second level is not filtering correctly as it needs to filter based on information found in the first level subreport and is currently just using a query to pull any information that fits it's columns in the report. How would I go about getting the information I need to filter the data correctly. 

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The subreport element has a property to pass in parameters values from the parent report to the subreport.  Those values can be any legal expression like a field, variable or parent report parameter.

sfriedman - 9 years 2 weeks ago

I'm not sure if I made this clear enough. The reason I ask is because the subreports are not put in using the wizard like every resource I have found on the internet shows how to fix this. They seem to be linked together using a similar line of code: 

<propertyExpression name=""><![CDATA["summary_&MAINREPORT=JobActivityReport_Level2Subreport"]]></propertyExpression>


I took out a lot of code but that is the link expression to link the level 1 subreport to the level 2, however I need to link level 2 to something contained in the main page as well as the information found in level 1. That is where I am lost

athimmig - 9 years 2 weeks ago

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