how to debug what parameters are passed to a sub report?

If I run sub reports on their own, they work. If I call them from a main report, passing in the same parameters, I get zero values.

Is there any possible way to see what parameters either the main report is passing to each sub report, or, even better, to see what parameters the sub report is using in its queries?

I notice that report studio has no anywhere in its installation dirs.

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3 Answers:

I assume what you are asking is to see the values of  parameters being passed from main to sub report.

You can simply display your paramters in the sub report title section and run the main report again to see what values are being passed to the sub report. Make sure to add some markers around the displayed values such as

"parm 1 ="+$P(parm1}+";"

to help you tell whether there's any leading or trailing spaces/white charatcters in the parm that will crew up your select where condition in the query.

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I was hoping to enable some kind of debug logging with the parameters in it, but this works also. Thanks!

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Hi there -- 

Try this, maybe it helps:

1 - Create the main report and a parameter.
2 - Open the sub report and create a parameter with the same set the same data type.
3 - Now map the parameters.  
4 - Return to main report, and right-click on sub report, or just select it.  
5 - Open its Properties panel.
6 - Look for the Parameters button or configuration (near the bottom).
7 - Click the Add button from the pop up.
8 - Or, you can use the "Copy From Master" button; from there you should be able to select the parameters that you want to pass.
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You can print out information to the console as described in How to get Jaspersoft Studio logging output from within scriptlet.

Or you probably want to enable FINE-level logging for the specific class you're interested in. See Configuring Apache Commons Logging and Log4J in Jaspersoft Studio and for an example.

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