issue accessing report by URL

Hi to everyone.
I've an issue accessing reporting by url.

I'm trying to view the "SDR Export CSV" report, but using this URL
https://[MY IP]/jasperserver-pro/flow.html?j_username=[MY USERNAME]&j_password=[MY PASSWORD]&_flowId=viewReportFlow&standAlone=true&reportUnit=/reports/SDRExport&Duration=1&Start=20140822162700 I see the form and not the report.

I guess the problem is the missing "Report Time Zone" value, but I can't find the correct format.

I've tried with this
https://[MY IP]/jasperserver-pro/flow.html?j_username=[MY USERNAME]&j_password=[MY PASSWORD]&_flowId=viewReportFlow&standAlone=true&reportUnit=/reports/SDRExport&Duration=1&Start=20140822162700&RepTimezone=+02:00%20CET%20DST but it doesn't work.

Thank's in advance.

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Hi to everyone,
after search into online resources, I modified the URL in this way

"https://[MY IP]/jasperserver-pro/flow.html?j_username=[MY USERNAME]&j_password=[MY PASSWORD]&_flowId=viewReportFlow&reportUnit=/reports/SDRExport&standAlone=true&ParentFolderUri=/reports&Duration=1&RepTimeZome=%2B02%3A00+CET+DST&Start=20140822162700&viewAsDashboardFrame=true&j_acegi_security_check&decorate=no"

I found the correct way to pass the "RepTimeZone" value and I've added other suggested parameters, and now the message error changed to "The report is missing default values for at least one mandatory parameter."...

daniele.bevilacqua - 8 years 9 months ago

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