jasperreports-server-xx-bin installation machine on WAR installation


Are users extracting jasperreports-server-xx-bin folders and file in the JasperReports Server when during a WAR installation?

I usually extract the jasperreports-server-xx-bi folders/files to a management pc and doing a remote installation to a JasperReports Server. The benefit of this is because I want to keep the jasperreports-server-xx-bi folders/files in case something happens so I can reinstall the same setup in another machine and for security reason - I don't want to keep files with username/password in them on a server.

Another benefit is when using IBM WebSphere. JasperReports Server WAR installation requires JDK but WebSphere includes it's own JDK. I don't want to install another JDK such as Oracle JDK just to do JasperReports Server installation.

Just wondering if everybody else is doing the same because I've seen some people installing them on a server.

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