How to import Active Directory Contacts to jasperserver?

Hi All,

I am using jasperserver 5.5.1 and i have sucessfully configured LDAP authentication with jasperserver.

But now i want to import all the users of AD to jasperserver. so how to do that?

Any help will highly appriciated.



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Hi there - Reference the JasperReportsServer-Auth-Cookbook, which you can download from the Jasper site.  The Cookbook has a lot of good information that will help you.

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Hi Hugo Mendoza,

Thanks for your reply.
But i already read that JasperReportsServer-Auth-Cookbook and from that i have done my LDAP Authentication with jasperserver. and it is working fine but i want syncronization of active directory with jasperserver automatically means when i configure some of xml file all the users from AD should be created on the jasperserver. is it possible? currently when user is logged on the jasperserver it creates that user as externally defined user but i want all the user at a time on jasperserver without initial login.

NikunjB - 8 years 9 months ago

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Why do you want this? What are you trying to accomplish or bypass such that the default behavior is not good enough?

elizam - 8 years 9 months ago

I want to give permissions on the reports to the users when they first login. and that users are from different departments and locations.currently on my jasperserver there are some reports that are belonging to the peoples of different locations and departments. so how to avoid other users to gain access to non-authorized reports. if i have all the users on jasperserver initially then i can arrange them in different groups. so when they login first time they get the access of relevent reports.

NikunjB - 8 years 9 months ago
You can do this by mapping roles as part of your authentication. You need to have the information about locations and departments in static groups in your LDAP server. If you have an AMEA group in your LDAP, you can map all users in that group to ROLE_AMEA. Then you would need to create a sample user that had ROLE_AMEA, log in as that user to initialize the role (there's a distinction made between internal and external roles, so you can't create it directly), then come back in as superuser and set up the right permissions for the role. If you are using the commercial edition, you can also use organizations for some of this. It is not good practice to create and maintain all your users in two locations. You want to centralize roles and permissions on your LDAP. This way, when users move departments, or you add new users, you only have to do it in one place. Here's a couple of links:
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Hi elizam,
Thanks for your reply.
i got your point about assigning mapping between users to specific group and you say that i need to create a simple user that had ROLE_AMEA.and then after that user is created on the jasperserver it needs to tell superuser to set permissions for that user. that is fine but i want to create all the user initially without creating user by login it.

i want to do in following scenario:
suppose there is one user say NIKUNJ which has by default role ROLE_USER. then whenever he login to the jasperserver it should have access permission to reports initially. and that is possible if i use some mechanism that import NIKUNJ user to ROLE_USER role initially and jasperadmin assign some permissions to user before NIKUNJ is login.

is it possible?

NikunjB - 8 years 9 months ago