Complex queries with function calls shows error in Query editor dialog : Jasper 5.6.0 in Jaspersoft studio

I am using the latestJaspersoft 5.6.0 studio. I have reports with complex queries involving function calls joinswith + symbol etc.

So when I am putting such queries in the query editor dialog it shows errors. The Language selected is SQL. I tried setting the language as PL/SQL also. But still it gives errors. Earlier I was working with ireport 4.0 and the queries used to work fine.

Please give feedback

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My own experience has shown that the query editor in JSS (5.5 and 5.6) has a tendency to show numerous false positive query errors. Sometimes even a space character can cause an error to fire.

I'd recommend that you use a dedicated query tool such as Microsoft SQL Management Studio (Express version is a free download) or various online options. I've used these many times as a "tie breaker" to determine the legitimacy of JSS query errors. 

richbl - 8 years 7 months ago

1 Answer:

Just use SQL editor for the database you're using (e.g. SQL Plus) to check SQL syntax.

If you encounter an error with Studio, just create a bug report at Tracker to get the Studio fixed. Until it gets fixed, just ignore the error messages.


That's what I do.

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So should I keep the language selected as SQL or PL/SQL for complex queries which has user defined function calls, unions ,joins etc

AnnMary.Thomas - 8 years 7 months ago