CSV datasources for Jasper Server, and associating multiple CSV files with the reports at the runtime

My requirement is to generate reports from the CSV data source, and integrate the reports to another applications using web services. My issues are wit CSV data source. I am able to use CSV data source with Jasper studio, but had trouble using it with Jasper Server. After little effort, i came across a link suggesting to use CSV file as XML and associate a provider XML. It woked. Now my concern is if I need to associate the same reports with different CSV data sources, i have to create a new Data Adapter for each csv file which gets generated and even the report (.jrxml). I need help to understand how can we pass the path of the CSV file using web service call, to create reports at the runtime.

My understandin is that since the schema (if i can call it so) of al the csv files getting generated is same, we can some how have 1 CSV adapter file and associate it with the incoming CSV file @ runtime and generate reports of it.

Can you guide me on how we can achieve this. ( Am new to jasper reports and coming from .Net background, i will really prefer to get as many things done via web services as possible, little reluctant to get my hand dirty, unless its the only option)



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Same qeustion here. Anyone with an answer?

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