How to create a hyperlink to another report from a table in another report?


I have a report with a table. The table data are results from a SQL query. I need to create a hyperlink from the field, $F{id}.  The hyperlink needs to pass the value of $F{id}  to the other report. Both reports work independently. I need to know how to link them so that my client can click on the id field and that field value is passed as a parameter to the other report. I am using JasperSoft Studio Community 5.6.0.  I do not use JasperServer.

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JasperReports server handles that for you using the ReportExecution Hyperlink. But if you are not using JasperServer  you will need to implement and handle the hyperlink even from within your web application. 

In that case you will create a standard Reference Hyperlink and in the  Hyperlink Reference Expression you can specify an URL form your page that will handle the next report rendering, something like "" + F{id}.

In page 150 of the JasperReports Ultimate guide you have all the info regarding Hyperlinks

Here is a screenshot of Studio with the property set to do a google search on the F{id} when the user clicks.

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but it is not work on jaspersoft ireport 5.6.0

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