Jackson Library 2.3.2 support in Jasperserver

We are facing compatibility issues as we upgraded Jackson to 2.3.2 from 2.1.4, we were using Jasperserver Library (Version 5.0.0) Professional version for our reporting requirements. 
And as part of product advancements we upgraded Spring Boot that resulted in issues with Jasperserver. From our findings we found that Jakson Library we are using is 2.3.2. And Jasperserver is not compatible with this latest versions as Jasperserver is using 2.1.4 and overriding some of its methods.
How can we keep on using Jasper and Jackson 2.3.2. It seems that jasper has not upgraded its Jackson library even in latest release. Please share your inshights.
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1 Answer:

Just keep your lib in your WEB-INF lib so they will be used localed within the war instead of making it global.

Found that updating JasperReports lib jars is not very good nor its very good to bundle your application with jasperserver war - keep the wars separate.

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