Dual Level Pie Colouring

I have a dual level pie (html5 chart) but when it displays it is using the default colours and not the ones I have specified in Chart Properties > Colors Palette

How should I specify the colouring of a dual level pie?

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I have got the exact same problem. I have even modified the colors palette so that it contains only bright red, but my pie only ever render in grey/black and pale blue (I have only 2 different values in the inner pie, so the outer pie - with more values - simply changes the hue).
I can see in the Source that the colors get passed properly, so maybe it's a bug at the interface with the HighCharts chart, i.e. maybe Jasper doesn't pass the colors properly, and the default ones always end up being used.

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1 Answer:

I am using JasperStudio 6.3 with JasperServer 7.0 and this problem still occurs.  With a Dual Pie chart, when I edit the color palatte, it correctly picks up the first two colors, but always puts in gray for the third, even though gray is not in the palatte.

I suspect it has to do with how I select my Categories, Series, and Measures but I have not yet arrived at the correct combination to get it to recognize the color palatte properly.

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