How to pass date as parameter in visualize.js

I created a report with an Input Control for parameter "DateRange" with "DAY-1" as default.

I wrote the below code to access the report from past e.g. for 1st July. It is not giving any error, however it always displayed the report for "DAY-1". Pleaes do let me know, how I can I customize on the basis of Date.

var report ={
           resource: "/public/Performance_Report",
           container: "#container",
           params: { "DateRange": ["2014-07-01 00:00:00"] }, //{ "DateRange": ["2014-07-01"] },
           error: function (err) {
               alert("Visualize JS error: " + err.message);
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1 Answer:

Try this

I was able to move forward with two parameter, from date and to date

           params: { "From": ['2014-07-01'] }, { "To": ['2014-07-02'] },
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How display the lable & input controls to get them on html page so that we can make it dynamic.

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