How can we download output generated by a scheduled report on daily basis through rest APIs?

I am using Jasper server 5.0.0 hosted on AWS.

My requirement is that I have scheduled multiple report jobs in jasper on Daily, weekly and monthly basis. I need to write a API call to jasper in which i can give it a job _id and get a list of all output files that got generated by that job. Eventually i want to store those files on Amazon S3.There seem to be no such API.

Is there any way by which i can download all the files generated by a job everyday?

This seems to be a general requirement where we need to download the outputs of a scheduled job. Please suggest if I can use some other API or is that problem solved in higher versions of jasper server.

I am looking at jasper server web services guide for reference.

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2 Answers:

Schedule your jobs to generated files in a repository. Just use the web api to get resource from the repository. If you're using REST, there's a GET.

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My Problem is that i need to download the reports on daily basis. Lets say 100 jobs are scheduled for different client which generate 100 files daily. I want to download only the files that get generated today skipping all previous files. Is there something link a output creation date that jasper keeps so i can only download those.
Can you suggest a work around this.

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Just schedule a job using web api and download it using web api. Another option is to just schedule a job to output reports to a file system and write a simple script to copy created/modified files.

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I have found two methods to download a reports ouput:
1) we can make a PUT request to run the report using REST APIs. It responds with a UUID, then GET the report output using this UUID.
2) we can use rest_v2 Get report service to run the report and generated output at the same time and save that output with us.

My problem is that, i have Scheduled all jasper jobs using REST API Web services. jasper scheduler will run those reports for me at specified time with specified input controls and store its ouput in specified output folder uri. How do i download the report outputs from that folder later on. I do not have to re run the reports , i just need to download the reports from the output folder.

Is there some API call through which i can download all the .pdf or .xlsx files from a folder in jasper. Or Do i have to get a list of all files first and then download one by one. Is it even possible to download output files without running the report. Its like downloading all contentType resources from a folder.

if nothing of this sorts is possible, then i can configure jasper server to write output files to some filesystem. I would prefer to do it throught APIs though.

Please share some documentation link along with answer. I would appreciate any kind of help on this.

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Hi - can you please share how you resolved this issue?

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Hi Can you please share how to resolve that issue

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Can anyone help resolving the same issue?I have same requirement to download the executed snapshot reports - 4 years 4 months ago