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Hello there,

I have a problem with multiple subreports in a detail band in a main report.

Main reports datasource contains only one (dummy) record, which is not relevant for the report output, only to have one detail cycle.

In report parameters are given 10 datasources. These datasources are used in 10 subreports in the main report's detail band.

Subreports contains only column header, detail and column footer bands.


Now the problem: How to "keep-together" subreports?

Multiple subreports should be placed on one page, but should not be splitted (first page break), I'd like to have new page where subreport starts.

There is no property to check.

I have tried dummy groups in the subreports with checked "keep together", but it didn't work.

Any idea?




Jasperreports, iReport version 4.7.0


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