Dynamic number of subreports


I'm starting with jasperreports and I'm asking for help for a report (truly, an invoice) design.

I'm not looking for a final solution (I have to do my stuff, just an example, schema or design for a *report* like this:

  •  The report is a mobile phone invoice.
  •  There is a main customer data with some mobile phones.
  •  Invoice has these pages
    • Customer personal data and summary (it could have more than one page).
    • Force page break
    • Mobile #1 summary
    • Mobile #1 detail  (it could have more than one page).
    • Force page break
    • ...(as many times as customer mobile phones)...
    • Force page break
    • Mobile #n summary
    • Mobile #n detail (it could have more than one page).

I have the first part (customer personal data and summary). My problem is now, when generating dynamic data with different msisdn numbers:
Well, my questions are:

 1. Does this design go in one .jrxml or two (customer summary and mobile summary/detail)?
 2. How can I invoke and generate all the mobile pages for each customer, when every customer could have different mobile amount?

Any help would be very appreciated

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Did you manage to achive this, if yes, how?

sanket.tinkhede - 2 years 2 months ago

1 Answer:

1 - The mobile summary / detail would best be a separate subreport / jrxml file.

2 - Your main query should return a row for each MISDN. You can then place the MISDN summary/detail on a Detail band.

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