Creating a stacked bar chart

Can someone explain to me how to create a stacked bar chart that looks like the attached TIFF file (created with SQL Server Reporting Services) using a dataset like that shown in the attached Excel spreadsheet?

In the event that it's not clear, each bar shows the percent of the total represented by the number of items that are late, missing or compliant.  There is one bar per category.

I'm using JasperSoft Studio


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Using Chart, Charts Pro or HTML5?  All three are available from the Palette, and good starting point is to drag one of the chart types into the Summary band.  You'll need at least a Category and a Measure configured.  You may want to read the user documentation; there's a good section in there on Charts.    

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I'm using whatever chart control is included with JSS 5.6 and selecting stacked bar chart as the chart type.  I don't see anywhere to add a Measure.  The only really extensive chart examples I've located in the documentation and elsewhere on the web are for a pie chart, and I haven't been able to translate that into the kind of bar chart I require.  I get all kinds of weird results no matter how I set up.  I'm wondering if the series data all needs to be on the same row of data? 

drummer54 - 9 years 2 months ago

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Hi drummer54,

With the dataset provided by you in teh excel sheet, you can not achieve 100% stacked Bar as you would need rows level data per category, whereas your dataset has column level data per category.

So I have modified the dataset and have created 100% stacked bar chart. (Attached the dataset xls and the screenshot of the Chart.


Rajesh S

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Thanks. I suspected it was the data, but as it's being generated by a stored procedure for a current production report in SQL Server Reporting Services I'm not at liberty to modify it. I may just pull the SQL out of the stored procedure to embed in the JS report as a temporary solution.

drummer54 - 9 years 2 months ago