JasperMobile 1.8 show empty report

When I run report (Android, Nexus 10, JasperServer 5.6, JasperMobile 1.8) the app shows empty report. When I save this "empty" report for example as PDF then everything is OK and in repositary is report that app should show. The same problem is also with most default server reports(for example 10. Performance by store type) but some report app shows good(for example 01 Supermart dashboard   -> report without parameters) Reports via web browser are OK.  Any idea where is a problem ?

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I also have the same problem about this but still not getting answered.

starrlingo - 8 years 1 month ago

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Please any advice ???

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JasperMobile works ok.

The problem you experience is because of regression in REST API in JasperReports Server 5.6. 

This regression is already fixed and should be a part of the next minor release of JasperReports Server.

We apologise for any inconveniences.

Thank you.

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I am evaluating Jasper and found the same issue with 5.6 server.  Where can I check for release date for this fix?  I see the hosted Jasper Server solution in AWS is 5.6, and now I don't know if to get it setup or not.

Also, how could I find out such issue from Jasper Server and not with a report I wrote?  Is such debugging in the server logs?



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Hello jan.kebishek,
We've released new version of Android App and fixed issue with empty reports. Please check it out.
Thank you!
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@mlupey Does jasper mobile app has any dependency on jasper server? I mean it is working fine now. But if the jasper server is upgraded to new version will it still work fine? Or do I have to keep on updating the android app whenever you guys release new version of the android?

vabhishek - 7 years 8 months ago

Currently Android App 1.9 supports JRS 6.0 (w/o new dashboards for now). Yeah, it requires App update after upgrading to latest JRS. Good to see, that you can use JasperMobile without any issues now!<strong><<<<<< This comment was blocked and unpublished because <a href="http://www.projecthoneypot.org/">Project Honeypot</a> indicates it came from a suspicious IP address.</strong>

mlupey - 7 years 8 months ago