Visualize.js - chart selection(s) event

Hi, I'm evaluating Jaspersoft and Visualize.js. Do charts rendered with Visualize.js raise any JavaScript events when user selections are made (e.g. the user selects a bar in a bar chart or a set of points in a scatter chart)? If so, can the data content of the selection be inspected (e.g. the actual selected points in a scatter chart)? Many thanks for any information. 

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1 Answer:

Unfortunately, Visualize.js doesn't provide access to HighCharts internal object or events. However you can try to directly access HighCharts charts through DOM. For more information see this post on StackOverflow:

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Actually another option for you is to use Links mechanism. But first you need to design your chart report in JSS studio to support links. Then you can use approach to handle clicks on "links".

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