Unable to connect Jasper to Hive tables on HDP Sandbox

I am trying to connect Jasperreports to HDP Sanbox and access a table(nyse_stocks) on the default database of Hive. I am able to establish the connection but when I try access the tables/objects within the ‘default’ and other databases, it shows ‘Cannot get database meta info’ ..which indicates the underlying objects are not accessible.  Here are the steps I followed:

1. I created a Hadoop-Hive data source with teh Hive JDBC URL as jdbc:hive2:// and the 'Test Connection' is successful

2. Then I create a Virtual data source with the above data sourcea

3. I then create a new domain with the above virtual data source and as part of the process click on 'Create with Domain Designer' option. It lists the Hadoop-Hive data source under the database schema list. I select and then I get this 'Cannot get database meta info' error. 

Screen shot is attached. I am unable to proceed further on this. Any immed help will be much appreciated!

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