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He gang!

I've installed Jaspersoft Community Edition 5.5 using the installer and took all defaults. I can login to jasperserver, run reports, etc.

I would like to login to the Postgres database but none of the information given in the install document, or information that I've found on the web succeed. Does anyone know the default credentials to login to the Postgress. I need dabase name, user name, and password.

Thanks in advance.

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Any idea how we can use a different user for postgres rather than postgres. I was trying to use a existing database but its by default going to postgres user where we have set no password. postgres is the default user so we do not want to use it.

siladitya.dash - 3 years 10 months ago

3 Answers:

Hi Bob,

I'm assuming you want to look inside the Jasper repository database??  Below are the details you are looking for:

Database Name:  jasperserver

Username:  postgres

Password:  postgres


Hope this helps.  If you installed the sample data there will be two other databases, "foodmart" and "sugarcrm".  Same username and pass.



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Page 18 of "JasperReports Server Install Guide".

"The installer sets the
PostgreSQL administrator password to postgres and also creates a PostgreSQL database user with administrator
privileges and credentials of jasperdb/password."



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Kris: Thanks you for the info. That worked for me.

Hozawa: Thank you for the note. That information does not seem to work for me.


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