Designing a complicated user input control

Is there a way to visualy desing a complicated user input controls? We were using Fast Report in our company and now we are trying to swich our reporting tool to Jasper. 

Fast Report has dialog forms, which allows us to use it in a Client-Server configuration. 

Is something like this possibile on Jasper?

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1 Answer:

We have developed a plugin which can work on top of Jaspersoft, known as "Helical Dashboard Insight" using that we can achieve this functionality.

Using this plugin we can design, use any kind of input controls. Some of the examples of input control which we are currently using via this plugin inside jaspersoft are dates, cascading in dates, slider, radio button, equalizer etc

Please visit - for more details

  1. Light weight BI: Only 65 KB, hence very responsive and extremely fast.
  2. Easy to integrate in any other application. Not requiring separate server since its very light weight unlike other BI applications. Hardware cost reduced
  3. Ability to integrate any charting engines like fusion chart, hight chart etc.
  4. Very easy to use with. Any developer knowing html and javascript can work on this solution.
  5. Ability to call any javascript, add html, add css and add ajax. Hence complete full control of reports and dashboard, we can achieve whatever functionality we want to implement.
  6. Possible to have real time charting using websocket framework
  7. Our BI application can also directly call Jaspersoft reports and Pentaho reports inside it.
  8. The BI application is having layered architecture (DATA layer + SERVICES layer + VISUALIZATION layer). Using data layer, we can connect to any datasource (including excel as a datasource also)
  9. Ability to control entire look and feel of reports and dashboard which includes text, logo, color, interactivity, tooltip information, label, size, hover, tooltip, images etc. This type of control is not possible in other BI applications.
  10. We can easily add other input controls like slider or cascading or equalizer
  11. Intra panel communication is very easily possible in our BI application.
  12. We can use bootstrap themes here as well, which is not possible in other BI applications.
  13. Things like export to pdf, export to CSV, printing, emailing etc is possible
  14. We are using HTML5 charting in our BI application, hence the reports dashboard can be seen even on mobile/table/ipad as well.
  15. The application is extremely developer friendly, it’s very easy to create plugin using javascript and html and add it inside the BI application.
  16. Listener concept is implemented in the application, hence we can make certain action (like creation/updation/visibility of chart) based on certain other
  17. Possible to implement things like what if analysis in it.
  18. We can also call and use other things like Mondrian OLAP cube, saiku adhoc reporting to provide more extensive data analysis capabilities to end user.

Get in touch with us at to know about more details.

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