Issue with WidgetPro Angular Gauge with generated PDF report


I am using WidgetPro angular gauge in my report.

Issue 1 : When the generated PDF report is zoomed to say 50 % of original size, the chart does not zoom with this ratio, remaining with same size.Hence the chart is shown as if shifted from its original position.

At zoom 100%

At zoom 50%



Issue 2 : When PDF report is printed, this chart does not appear.

I am very new to Jasper report and need help from experienced friends.


Jyotiraditya Rath (JR)


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1 Answer:

That's the specs. WidgetPro uses Flash and as such does not export to pdf too well. Use Chart element when you're going to be exporting to pdf.

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Hi hozawa,
I could able to find the attribute "autoScale" from FusionCharts documentation which scale up/down the chart when PDF zoom changes.
This is one of the property is not available Jasper WidgetPro GUI or in Advance Properties Combo box. Luckily advance properties combo allows to type non listed properties.

Regarding using of Chart elements:
I have tried with similar chart available -> Meter Chart.
Here I find the chart drawn is lacking few elementary but must feature i.e basic look. The Tick Mark or the boundary of the arc drawn ( with inner and outer radius) is having a thick line ( may be 8-10 Pixel) and for a small chart it looks very ugly. I could not find any property to set the thickness of these items.

is there any way ?

jyotiraditya.rath - 8 years 9 months ago