How to use JSON list as data in a Table in a Jasper Report

I have a JSONDatasource that I want to use to create a report.  The data contains a list of items I want to present in a Table.  The data looks like:

{ "sensors":{ "reportDate:"12-04-2014",

] } }

I am able to acces the report date with the following:

<queryString language="json">
    <field name="reportDate" class="java.lang.String">

I cannot figure out how to use the rows in a table.  There is not much on the web and the documentation and samples only talk about subreports which this is not.




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Yes ,you are right ..No one is giving exact solution ,only talking other things. Am alsofacing this issue ,and trrying to find since week. but i didn't ..

pravin_sarode - 7 years 6 days ago

2 Answers:

I've recently posted an answer to a similar question on StackOverflow:

Although my answer involves using a List due to its simpler syntax, the switch to a Table should be fairly easy.

If you have any issues I'll add a complete solution for your case.

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Please provide me complete solution. I have sean it but as I am new to jasper soft I am totally confused. 

If you can provide me jr xml code similar to my solution using json as shown in exmaple and table as shown in example having rowspan on <td> based on inner json list that would be really helpful for me.

As we are on the peak of deadlines. 


Looking forward for your reply

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