Required files for Develop Custom DataSource

Hi guys!
I don't have experience creating custom libs for JasperServer, I've reading this topic:
But the example is not very clear about the files we need in the project.
What jasperserver libraries are needed for creating a custom datasource for then add on the project?
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1 Answer:

You're looking at a very old page.

Datasource isn't a feature of JasperReports Server but of JasperReports (the reporting engine used within JasperReports Server).

Download JasperReports library source code and there is a sample code of datasource in demo/samples/datasource





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Hello hozawa,
Thanks for help me ^^

I only have one question:

In JasperServer 5.5, There is a way of change a datasource based on a parameter, Maybe creating a JAR?

oscar16071987 - 8 years 9 months ago