Problems displaying barcode font "FF EAN"


I am creating labels with bar codes EAN13.
I do not want to use the barcode4j lib for reasons of processing speed.
Using iReport I added the font FF EAN, and a custom function for the barcode translation. Because I run the report in java (in eclipse ide), I exported the font in a jar file, and I added it into my java project.
Using the PDF preview iReport barcode can be seen properly, but running it in java barcodes are not displayed.
The font exporting procedure runs well, because I had already integrated the font Times New Roman, not available by default.
Why the font FF EAN is ignored?

There are some types of fonts are not supported? Or should include additional libraries in my java project?

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If anyone has an interest to resolve this issue can download the font from HERE


tonyf-dj - 5 years 5 months ago

I brilliantly solved by using another solution. thanks for your support!

tonyf-dj - 5 years 4 months ago

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