Data Source or ETL

Question.. So I'm noticing with the JasperReports Server that the Data Sources Types as a follows:
JDBC, AWS,Bean, Hadpool-Hive, Internal Diagnotic, JNDI, MongoDb, Virtual
I am using an Elasticsearch database schema which is less distributed, using JSON and RESTful API functions. Its states its more a CouchDB.. Do you foresee any of the designed options above within JasperServer relating to Elasticsearch in this matter? My goal is to establish some type of data into this server.
Or would the ETL tool be the only way for this to work? Which would be extracting the data via from a csv or pdf file?

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2 Answers:

DataSource will only read data into JasperReports in realtime and isn't a tool to create datawarehouse. You'll need to use ETL if you want to collect data on a server.

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  Hi Demetrius,

  we have just released a connector for ElasticSearch. While it's still in its infancy, it is mature enough to start testing creating reports using ElasticSearch as source of data. You can check out the repository on GitHub with the sources - and the update site for Jaspersoft Studio - and take a look at the blog post we have created to introduce the adapter and show how to install it. 

  We will be posting soon some video tutorials on how to get reports out of ElasticSearch, so you may want to keep an eye on the blog.




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