textfield data is not wraped.It is displaying in wrong way

Hi ,

   I had  created the textfield in jasper report. Hence I had mapped that field to query and query is also working properly.

      I want to display the below "Policy Status DOD:" data(IF) is not showing in properly way. Revert it if any one know how to resolve it.

Problem i

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Hi ,

   I had checked the jasper preview and it is showing properly but when i was downloading it is showing as above image.

Revert if any one have idea on above problem.



harish.munaga - 8 years 11 months ago

1 Answer:

Increase the text field width and try. Also check the text field property "Stretch with overflow" is unchecked. "Stretch with overflow" property ,if checked then will print the data which does not fit in the current line in the next line if the text field width is less.

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