only directed structure is getting imported while importing a zip catalog in jasper server 5.1.0. Can someone suggest where i am going wrong?

I am trying to migrate everything from my test server to production server.

Test server details : jasper server 5.0.0

Production server: jasper server 5.1.0

both servers are hosted on AWS.

Steps followed

1) Stop tomcat running on Test server.

2) Go to builomatic directory and run ./ --everything --output-zip zip_file_name

3) start tomcat server

all the files are there when i unzip export directory and everything seems fine but when i am importing it into jasperserver 5.1.0 which is my production server, i am only getting directory structure imported. no jrml files and parameters are getting imported

I am trying with the following command

./ --input-zip export_filename

My understanding is that it is going to import everything and skip in case there is a name conflict. but there are many files which are not there in my target server still they are not getting imported. All i am getting are a set of empty directories.

any help on this would be great.

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