Create Jasper Chart based on data in Crosstab



Jasper is a great tool when you want to pivot the data.  (In Postgres it would take ages)

Is there an option to create a chart based on the pivoted data in the crosstab?

Or to start from the raw data and pivot it in Jasper and have the output as a chart.

Thanks a lot!

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1 Answer:


I fear the answer is no. You can 't access the crosstab variables outside the crosstab. Would be a nice feature though (eg. for calculating running totals based on calculated crosstab cells).


"As per my understanding for reporting with iReports, it is not possible to use those variables that are defined in the crosstab in charts. Crosstab is a seperated component from charts. All the variable that are defined in the crosstab are defined in the scope of the Crosstab only."

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