Schedule a report that uploads multiple page pdf as individually named files

I need someone's expert advice.  We currently have a report called Activity by Account. This report displays a multiple page report showing the details of each activity for the account on separate pages. We usually export this report to PDF and send a multi-page report called Activity by Account to the client by email. Here is what I want to do. 

  1. Schedule the report to be run every night at a certain time for PDF
  2. Have the report run, but then split the PDF report into individual pages and title each page by a field value displayed in the report. 
  3. Upload each individually named PDF page to an FTP

I know how to schedule and choose PDF and export to FTP. But is there a way to setup the Jasper Report and Server to split the report and save individually named files?

Alternatively, is there a way to schedule a different report that shows data that triggers the Activity by Account report to run for each line listed in the "Different Report". 

Please help and lend insight as to how either can be done. 

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