Can't install WAR File

Hi together,

i had a Question regarding the installation of the WAR File.

First i used a clean setup of OpenSuse 13.1 x86, installed the Oracle jdk17.0.5_60, installed the tomcat over the repo and checked the functionality of them.

Postgresql installed, i think there is not the problem.

If i try to build the the WAR File it will not run complety truth the installation (./ and break (see the log)

If i try to run the installation with the installer and take the boundled version it will break with errors and is not runnable.


Hopefully somebeody can help me, i have no idea how i can handle this error :(

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in addition i have to say that the Linux distribution is installed on an Guest system from Virtualbox.

I saw that the installer could be a problem with the resolving of the name linux-39rz which is my computername. 

For that i added the computer name to the /etc/hosts and gave the 

But it don't gave any solution to my problem. Maybe somebody else should have a better idea then my.

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so the problem could be solved.

I added into the /etc/hosts localhost linux-39rz 

after a restart it runs without any issue.

tim_golz - 9 years 3 months ago

1 Answer:

Hi Thanks for posting your information about how you were able to workaround the issue you were getting. 

Also, the Installation Guide is now online in HTML format. I think that this is the section you used in the Guide:


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