Browser Add-ons Affecting Passing Parameters

Issue: I have been getting reports of my users experiencing issue of getting the "The Report is Empty" result when trying to access jaspersoft reports that are displayed through an iframe with parameters (including username and pass) being passed from ap to jasperserver.

Replicating bug: The only users reporting this are those with Windows 7 machines and issue is across all browsers. I have not been able to replicate, therefore I believe it is an issue with the browser settings/add ons/extensions of the machine/and or browser. Because I cannot replicate this issue, it is fairly isolated with only two reports, I have not been able to reall define what could be the issue. This same user is able to receive export only jasper server reports from our ap, but for the reports that have to display within the UI in an iframe, the result is always "the Report is empty". The same user can use a different machine and receive their correct results.

Fix: I know this issue has nothing to do with the jasper server itself (proven since I cannot replicate on Mac machines or my own Windows 7 machine) but, are there recommended browser settings or known add ons or extensions that can cause a disruption in the way parameters are passed to the jasperserver? Perhaps something about the iframe or the set up of the sending of the parameters? The method is post with a listing of the parameters attached to be sent to the jasperserver.

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