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I am trying to use Maps pro in jasper studio and I don't see anywhere to place the longitude and latutude fields. Am I supposed to use map properties dataset "entities" ? I'm not sure where to put the two fields.

Is there any tutorial for how to use this? Nothing on the OLP. Should I be using regular Maps intstead?





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Hi Jon,
the MapPro component (using Fusion Maps under the scene) does not work like the Google Maps component one.
So you do not specify the longitude and latitude for the map. But the first thing you do is to specify the map kind using the "Map name expression".

I just noticed that in the Jaspersoft Studio documentation they did not ported the existing chapter from iReport user guide that talks about Fusion components.

However you can pick up the iReport Ultimate Guide and give a look to the chapter 12 "Flash Charts". You can find a lot information about the Fusion Charts/Widgets/Maps. The UI has been ported in JSS almost exactly as it was in iReport. You will find easier to adapt the information.
Here it's where you can find the PDF files:

In the meanwhile I will notify the problem to the documentation team so they can fix it for the next release.


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