Deploy a Report (JasperServer) Through a WebService


i want to deploy a report  that i have uploaded in JasperServer through a WebService. This is a part of my code:

 public JasperPrint runReport(String uri,java.util.Map parameters) throws Exception {
        ResourceDescriptor rd=new ResourceDescriptor();
        return server.getWSClient().runReport(rd, parameters);
JasperPrint print=client.runReport(report, params);              
 byte[] pdf =JasperExportManager.exportReportToPdf(print);
The problem is when I transform the byte[] pdf to a pdf file, the pdf comes with the text, but comes without any images.
when I run the report in jasperserver this comes with images, but when I call it with the webservice comes without them.
I hope someone can help me..


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