Converting Some Reports To PDF Takes A Long Time

I am using jasper studio and Ad Hoc to create some reports. I have an intermittent problem with converting reports to PDF on jasper server AWS. While it usually goes well, it sometimes takes a long long time as I give up time to time and have to retry.

Does anyone have the same problem? Is there anyway to fix it?


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2 Answers:

Assuming that it is not just a giant report and it will occassionally return fast and sometimes slow - When it happens, you may want to check the memory utilization on your server.  It is likely that you are running low on memory.  Systems can slow down when they start utilizing the swap space.  This could be caused by other people running alot of concurrent reports combined with reports running on a schedule, etc.  Running your server with plenty of memory and tuning your garbage collection, etc. (Some of the recommended parameters are found in the installation guide) can improve the performance of your reports quite a bit.

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It happened for a quiet simple report and it is intermittent. However we are still at very beginning level and we do not have lots of users and heavy concurrent usage at the moment. The server instance is medium and just a couple of guys are using reports time to time. Next time I will check memory usage and server status.
Thanks for your help.

kashoory - 8 years 12 months ago

Looking at the other posts here, there seems to be performance problem with AWS. It probably would be better if you tag your question as AWS instead of JasperReports Server to bring AWS issues because it probably isn't an issue with JasperReports Server.

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Hi hozawa
I actually did tag it with AWS. But in the list "Related Projects" I could not find AWS and the closest item was JasperReport Server.

kashoory - 8 years 12 months ago