Merging columns in Table - JasperSoft Studio 5.5.2

In the attached report, is it possible to merge the cells in the region group footer and in the company group footer?  I've tried grouping the 3 columns at various levels (group headers, group footers, detail) but each grouping mangles the report:  rows are added that can't be edited, columns are moved from their intended locations, some column headers are moved and can't be realigned with the remaining headers.  Worse, the Undo function doesn't generally Undo unintended consequences of these groups, so I have to close the report without saving and reopen.  I'm stunned at how bug-ridden the table and crosstab objects are.

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Same Problem here with JSS 5.6. I have a working sample created with iReports 5.5, but I can't recreate it using JSS 5.6.

thiemo.hiecke - 8 years 6 months ago

I'm on 5.6 now as well and have given up on using the table object.  At least the problems I was having with the designer that initially led me to try tables have been resolved so I'm now able to avoid the table object.  I have some reports that require the crosstab but have learned how to get around its quirks for the most part.

drummer54 - 8 years 6 months ago

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