Applying styles on ChartsPro in JasperStudio


I am trying to further customize a Fusion Charts using <styles> and <application>, my questions is how can I apply the following example into my ChartsPro in Jaspersoft Studio

  <!-- Your data here -->
      <style name='MyFirstFontStyle' type='font' face='Verdana' size='12' color='FF0000' bold='1' bgColor='FFFFDD' />
      <style name='MyFirstAnimationStyle' type='animation' param='_xScale' start='0' duration='2' />
      <style name='MyFirstShadow' type='Shadow' color='CCCCCC' />
      <apply toObject='Caption' styles='MyFirstFontStyle,MyFirstShadow' />
      <apply toObject='Canvas' styles='MyFirstAnimationStyle' />
      <apply toObject='DataPlot' styles='MyFirstShadow' />

Thanks in advance.

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Any idea ?

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