How to Integrate Apex with Jasper Reports

Hello everyone,

                            I had created jasper reports in Ireport Designer and upload it to JasperSoft Server 5.5. Now i want to integrate these reports with Apex Forms. Can anyone knows how to call jasper server reportsfrom Apex forms. Kindly help me if any one knows. Waiting for reply smiley



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Hello Sanjana,

I am not sure on the Apex Forms implementation details but you can embed reports into external applications using rest_v2 web services. Please refer to our web services guide for more information.

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I'm using Oracle Apex and Jasperreport, but jasperreport is not really "integrated" on Apex forms;

I would rather say that JasperReport is "called" from apex by hyperlink, with all parameters you need:



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yes its working when i embed JasperReport Hyperlink in Apex and call report from apex but it also displays j_username and j_password and is visible to users. I need to hide username and password and call report from apex. Is there another possible way. Or how to hide username and password OR can v disable authentication on jasperreport server ?

sanjana.shah - 8 years 10 months ago