Hive related Reports do not work on Jasper Server, but work in Studio

I have been fighting this issue for over a week now with no progress.  I have created multiple reports in Jaspersoft Studio 5.5.1 using the Hive Connector Data Adapter.  All of these reports run correctly in the Jaspersoft Studio environment.  I published the reports to the Jaspersoft Server and created a Hadoop-Hive Data Adapter.  When I try to run the report on the server I get an "Error Filling Report" error with the following log output.


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1 Answer:

Looking at the stacktrace it seems to be a connection problem from your JasperReports Server to the HiveServer (or HiveServer2).

Make sure there is no firewall rules or networking issues that prevent your JRS server to reach the HiveServer. It would be great if you can provide additional details about which versions are using for Hive and JRS.

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