Repeating a chunk for multiple customer input values within same report.



I want to repeat the following part for all the customers provided as input , is it possible to do so in jasper report?? If so How can I achieve it ? Pardon my bad drawing but the graph is a bar chart.'s picture
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please correct me if I am wrong  regarding the blank space comment in the my answer. - 6 years 2 months ago

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Never mind, found the solution to this, I am posting this for others like me.

You can achieve this by using the grouping of records, while grouping for a chart several things to keep in mind are,

1. the data that you are retrieving should be in desired order i.e use ORDER BY, GROUP BY in your query,

2. Change the property of that chart. 

          a. Evaluate at group level.

          b. Reset the data at the group level.(same goes for the variables i.e sum of rows in one group you need to reset that variable value at the group level).

          c. Setting the group property for "keep togather" and "start on each page".

3. I guess ( I might be wrong correct me if I am wrong) the group values to be printed togather dependes on the space on the page, if you minimise the blank space then all the records in one group are being printed on the same page.'s picture
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