Custom input controls in jasper server 5.5



I am experiencing problem with Custom input controls in jasper server 5.5 because Input controls are modified in jasper server 5.5.

At present we are using jasper server 4.5 but When we switch to jasper server 5.5 the input controls which are used in 4.5 are not working in 5.5.

So please give me an example which is having radio button conditions and dates.

I got customControlsExample in google but I am not able to understand/execute those input controls.

So please hand me any examples or any notes on custom input controls used in jasper server 5.5











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Hello, I am experiencing the same problem in Jasperserver 5.5. It seems that cascading input controls are not working in reports with a mixture of local input controls and linked input controls. The same input controls work perfectly in Jasperserver 4.7.

Can anyone offer some adivce on clearing up this situation?



jim.knott - 6 years 2 months ago

Hi! Even Im facing the same issue, it was working fine in 5.0. Did u guys find a solution?

yogeshranganath - 6 years 1 day ago

Hi, It seems the problem was solved in 5.6. We upgraded to JasperServer 5.6 and now the input controls are working again.

jim.knott - 5 years 11 months ago

1 Answer:

There is a known issue on 5.6 and they should be fixing the issue on 5.6.1.
step-by-step solution:

1. Edit report.view.runtime.js file in /scripts folder. After line #93 (Controls.initialize.bind(Controls)(Report.refreshReport);) insert following line of code:
2. Turn off JavaScript optimization according to 
Find file <jasperserver>/WEB-INF/ and set it's property: 


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