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The crosstab control is making me feel dumber and dumber and way too old to be doing this ****.  Latest problem - trying to display subtotals by month and year.  When I added the row groups for year and month it placed the page_count_measure1 variable in the footer and when I ran the report the values were identical to those on the last row displayed, which seemed to make the row groups rather useless.  I added a measure to sum the page counts and placed those in the row group footers but I still only get one subtotal row for month (though the report is running for 2 months) and that month total is the same as the year total.  There is no break on month as I'd expected.  Also the text for the row group footers is "total month1" and "total year1".  If I replace the static text fields with variables for month and year I get a null value.  I suppose that makes sense but it also contributes to making the row group rather useless if they can't be identified (assuming I can get the totals correct).

I'm going to attach the JRXML file and Excel files representing the output from the current production report developed in SQL Server Reporting Services and the output from JasperReports.  I will greatly appreciate it if someone can explain where I've gone wrong.

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Why is it that I can only upload one file when I ask a question?  It seems to allow me to upload multiple files but when I go back to review there's only one file and I have to edit the question to add another file.  This happened earlier today and I thought I had done something wrong but apparently not.  I had to edit the question twice to get all 3 files uploaded.

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