JasperServer - Using Web-service as data soruce


I would like to know if JasperServer (web-interface) can be used to desgin and fetch data from a web-service data soruce? I am asking this question because I did not see an option to choose web-service data soruce in my list of installed data soruces.

If possible, let me know a good link to an article about it.

Secondly, is there a way to build custom data soruce and way to expose my own driver etc? I want to know if I have an xml file based soruce, can I use this as a data soruce and design a report on it, and also use it as data soruce to render the data. So technically, my metadata and data will be fetch via 2 different services. 1st exposing the metadata and 2nd exposing the data.

Awaiting a response.



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