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I've created a crosstab using results from a SQL Server stored procedure that list processed page counts by person by day.   Column headings are individual pages and the first row is the date in descending order.  The individual names are to be ordered alphabetically in ascending order.  So far, so good.  But, 2 of the columns have a total count of processed pages by date and a count of unprocessed pages which are to be displayed in the second to last and last columns, respectively.  The way we currently manage this, in a SQL Server Reporting Services crosstab, is by using a column called sort_order.  The individual names have sort_order = 1, the total pages sort_order = 2 and the unprocessed pages sort_order = 3.

I can't figure out how to have the JasperReports crosstab use the sort_order field to get the columns in the correct order.  The stored procedure is returning the data in the correct order.  I also added sort fields to the dataset to make sure they were being sorted properly in the dataset.  I tried setting the 'Data Pre Sorted' option in the crosstab dataset properties but then the page counts cells ended up all blanks.  I created another crosstab and added sort_order as a column group in addition to individual name and that results in a null pointer exception.

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