Retrieving Fields. JasperSoft Studio 5.5.2


Hi, I have the following problem:

I try to create a simple report from 1 postgewSQL table "Cotracts"(JDBC connection). It's very huge and contains about ~5 million rows. 

My activity:

File->New->Jasper Report->Choose Blank A4 template->Next->choose foldier "My Reports"->Next->Then I Select my data Adapter->

Now I give a query: 


FROM "Contracts" 

and click "Next"->Then JasperSoft Studio begins Retrieving Fields. But it doesn't only make a scheme of fields, understanding data types. As far as I understand, it downloads ALL data from my table.

It's clear from the memory consumption. I have 2 GB RAM, and in some minutes of "Retrieving Fields" JasperSoft Studio begins to consum practically all memory. (135 000 mb) 

Then I get an error (picture related). "java.lang.outofmemoryerror java heap space"

I suppose that JasperSoft Stuido tries to download all data from table. By the by, I "solved" this by using the query:


FROM "Contracts"  limit 1

all fields are retrieved quickly. And then I have to delete limit 1 expression and add new parametrs to report.

Is there any oppotunity to avoid all data downloading and usinfg "limit" expression?

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