dynamic band height while exporting to excel file

Hi All,

I have created .jrxml file with 3 bands listed below.

  1. Column Header
  2. Details
  3. Summary

I am exporting data to excel file. There might be thousand of records to be export.

I have specified specific height to each band and i.e. 20 pixels. And page height is set to 60 pixels (sum of all 3 heights)

I have field called 'description' (as shown in attached image file). 'Streat when Overflow' is checked for this field. Also 'Relative to tallest Object' is checked for other fields.

As you can see in image descriotion from C2:C6 cells (in image) should come to C2 only. But its beeing splitted to multiple cells.

Also its working file when I set page height to 1000 pixels. But its not feasible I think as I don't have fixed number of records to be exported.

Can any one help me to figure out the solution ?




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