Concurrent Query Execution & Conversation Locks


Hello,  I have created what is essentially a book of reports in Jasper 5.0 using Ireport.Professional 5.0.  

There is one blank master report holding 4 main reports.  Within the 4 main reports are many underlying subreports built to handle different scenarios, filtering headers/bands, etc.  The queries themselves are not large or complex, but the vast number of them is causing problems in returning the report.  When watching the report run, queries are being issued one-by-one instead of multi-threading.

In any case, we’re also seeing issues within the session management component of Jasper-5.0 that are causing the “conversation lock” timeouts and reports to run away after they’ve been cancelled.  Any advice/suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks!

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wolverto_1 - 6 years 8 months ago

Have you tried JDBC v JNDI data sources? Do you see a performance difference?

sfriedman - 6 years 6 months ago

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