#aws putting ad hoc reports from server into studio reports


I know that in Jasper Studio I can make a hyperlink to another report ,

but is there any way to take a report(chart) I made in jasper server from an ad hoc view, and use it inside a  jasper studio report without it being a link?

Is my only choice to remake the exact same html5 chart in the studio report?



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1 Answer:

Jaspersoft Studio will allow you to make the same exact chat that you created from the adhoc view. JSS has even more capabilities than adhoc to control and generate charts and visualizations. 

Remember that you need to be using Jaspersoft Studio Professional to have access to the HTML5 chating library, since you are an Amazon AWS customer if you sign up for free (or paid) support you will be able to download JSS Profesional just sign up here https://www.jaspersoft.com/aws_signup/

Editing an adhoc generated report in studio is not trivial since the report depends on the Adhoc View State to fill and build the report unit. 

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